Contributing to Healthy Communities

For Teva, a healthy community is one in which individuals have access to resources and conditions that enable them to live their healthiest lives. We strive to nurture healthy communities around the world, through our portfolio and beyond-putting patients at the heart of everything we do. Our patients’ perspectives and experiences inspire us to support their holistic care and address pressing global health challenges. Cultivating healthier communities allows us to support people around the world on their unique paths toward wellness, thereby creating value both for society and for our business. 

We contribute to healthy communities by increasing access to affordable treatments, driving science and innovation, engaging patients as well as their caregivers and healthcare professionals and advancing global health priorities.

Access and Affordability

We believe that every person should have access to quality medicines. As a leading supplier of generic medicines, we are committed to creating quality, affordable medicines for more people in more places around the world. Global health tenders and patient assistance programs allow us to expand the reach of our generic medicines. We also donate our medicines to communities in need and partner with non-profit organizations, governments, healthcare providers and industry peers to provide patients, caregivers and communities with the services they need.

Science and Innovation

Teva produces innovative specialty medicines for patients, some of whom have untreated and undertreated conditions. We develop, personalize and improve specialty treatments and enhance research and development efforts for specialty biologics and biosimilars, complex medicines made from living cells and organisms. We also take our knowledge beyond our walls—lending our unique expertise to educate and empower local communities.

Patient Engagement

Our aspiration to improve the lives of patients goes beyond supplying products. We know that patients need assistance with their treatment plans, a sense of community with others who have similar experiences and access to accurate information online. We support patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals by investing in research to understand the patient perspective, educating them, raising awareness of their conditions and creating resources and tools to promote mental, social and psychological well-being.

Global Health Priorities

Today’s world faces pressing health challenges, many of which impact the patients we serve. As the largest manufacturer of antibiotics and the leading provider of many medicines on the World Health Organization’s Essential Medicines List, we recognize our responsibility to help address these challenges. We apply our expertise and resources to understanding and tackling growing problems, such as non-communicable diseases and antimicrobial resistance, through multi-stakeholder collaborations, thought leadership efforts, industry partnerships and patient programs.

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